Archaeologist, pro­fes­sor & doc­u­men­tary host, Darius Arya discusses history, exploration, and discovering and preserving the past in Rome.

About the speaker

Darius A. Arya is an archaeologist (PhD) who lives and works in Rome- living and breathing history each day. Livestreaming Rome/ history daily on Periscope and Facebook Live.

Teaching on site, excavating, making educational videos for the American Institute for Roman Culture, making TV documentaries and fighting the good fight for heritage preservation and communicating those efforts to everyone.

Sure all roads lead to Rome, but it’s from Rome that all his travels originate. Always looking for more adventure!

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Can we learn from the Romans? How do we create sustainable cities today? Can we not have good conversations, productive conversations, as we look at what the romans themselves were doing? — Darius Arya

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