Commitment - Daria Vodopianova

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About the speaker

Daria Vodopianova is a TEDx-speaker, LinkedIn & Personal Branding Strategist and author. In her work, she is dedicated to empower ambitious entrepreneurs and creatives to work smarter with their social media presence by providing them training and consulting.
She has worked with artists and creatives in more than 10 different countries, giving workshops in art schools, art galleries and creative hubs. She is also the author of “Social Media for Artists and Creatives – how to build a supporting community, manage your time and sell your creative work online” (available on Amazon). Daria is frequently invited to speak about her expertise in different organizations and conferences; TEDxUni Melbourne, Share Algarve Digital Marketing Conference, Social Selling Forum, Lean In Women Lisbon International and Women In Digital, to mention a few. At her talk about Commitment, Daria will talk about what it takes to find your true uniqueness, and how to share it online. She will share a bit of her own journey, and give you advice and tips on how to build your true, supporting community online, sell your artwork but also stay true to yourself and to your own values. Embark on this journey about commitment and creativity! Links: Watch her TEDx talk here: Learn more about Daria here: Daria’s LinkedIn profile:

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