Heritage and its assumptions

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Chuck Reece is a founder and the editor-in-chief of The Bitter Southerner — a new kind of online magazine, offering one great story from the South every week. He is also a minority partner in Kredible, an Atlanta-based technology company studying the nature of how credibility is established or eroded in the online world. Previously, he was creative director for content at Unboundary. Before that, he led a largely accidental and circuitous career that led him from music journalism to serving as press secretary to a Georgia governor and eventually into corporate communications, before he saw the light and returned to journalism, his first love.

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I am new to The Bitter Southerner and like everything I am hearing except one thing....why the BITTER southerner? If you are really trying to do what you are espousing, bitterness really has no place here. Bitter people are usually not in a state of mind in which they are able to admit to/face/claim the ugliness of the past. Bitter people usually can't take steps forward until they get past their bitterness. Why not use the title The BETTER Southerner or The ReFRAMED Southerner, or some other title that does not imply the negative connotation of bitterness? Just a thought....

Elinor Ball • August 12, 2014