Build a curiosity practice in the age of instant gratification.

Ask questions. Get uncomfortable. Be additive. Hone your hunches. Slow down. Stay open. Be greedy (for life).

About the speaker

Christina is a multi-disciplinary artist, author, and strategist. She is Head Of Brand at Vacasa, a leading startup in the vacation rental industry, where she oversees a team of diverse creatives, working across a spectrum of disciplines to lead the company’s brand evolution from fast-growing startup to loved consumer brand. Drawing on a background in emergent media, Christina has worked in branding for more than a decade, guiding strategy, communications, and research for pioneering startups and Fortune 500 companies at the forefront of culture. Ever-curious, she’s been people-watching, eavesdropping, and asking questions for as long as she can remember.

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Curiosity is more about helping you filling a patchwork of information about what you already know, it’s about pattern recognition, and connecting the dots between things. So when you’re trying to solve a problem, honing in on those little inklings where you have a hunch, and then building there and following the information, and asking questions that are actually building context around what you already know: that’s what curiosity is. — Christina Rosalie

We are all born hardwired for curiosity. It’s one of the things that’s a drive in us, as a need like hunger or thirst, but the cool thing about curiosity is that there’s no intrinsic reward […] Curiosity is its own reward. — Christina Rosalie

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