The search for silence starts and ends with you.

About the speaker

Chitra Devi is the PRO at  the Training Centre for the Adult Deaf in Santhome. She  started working with the hearing and speech impaired community from 2010 and It has been 18 years now.  she also works as an interpreter for various associations and has been volunteering with organizations across Tamil Nadu who  actively working in this space.

She believes  hearing or speech impaired is more challenging than being blind. Not being able to express what one is thinking, or not being able to know more about what is happening around oneself through questioning and dialogue can be extremely hard.

It might seem like their world is much quieter and calmer than ours, but they live in a world of silence and are often unaware of what is happening around them. This is the reason she chooses to work with them and will continue to empower these individuals.

Join us this Sunday to hear Chitra Devi’s talk on silence and get to learn basic sign language.

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