Cheryl Forester

Hosted at Odd Fellows Hall

part of a series on Weird

About the speaker

Cheryl Forester has experienced numerous facets of creative work, ranging from doing media strategy for companies like NBC, Clear Channel and Rakuten to designing and co-founding a women’s clothing and handbag company featured in Vogue. Along the way, she has been active in creative community building, in her roles as the president of the SLC chapter of Ladies who Launch and a board member specializing in PR and Art for the Jung Society of Utah. AND she uses symbology and intuition to decipher the language of the tarot for clients around the world to help them understand the archetypes and symbols at work in their own creative experiences.

From all of this, Cheryl has gained a unique perspective on an important truth: it’s the very stuff that makes us weird that is often the most important for us to share with the world and each other. Come join a fascinating discussion on the weirdness within us and the ways we can discover, embrace and use it in our work.

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