A good city measures by its available safe public spaces

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Caressa Givens was born in Milwaukee, raised in Northeastern WI, and attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art in Design (2004-2008) where she was a printmaking major. While working with local public artist Jill Sebastian, Caressa developed a passion for creative expression in the public realm through all disciplines of fine arts, design, and architecture.

In the late 2000’s, while sculpting for large scenic art shops, Caressa also served as a cycling safety instructor for the Wisconsin Bike Federation where she taught young people how to ride bikes as well as ride safely in city streets. It is through this community engagement that she began to solidify her passion for cities and active transportation.

Caressa now serves as a board member for the Friends of the Hank Aaron State Trail as a volunteer marketing specialist and has also joined the city of Milwaukee’s Path to Platinum committee, a national initiative to transform the cities into more bike able and walkable places. This sought after platinum rating comes from the League of American Bicyclist’s Award database.

Caressa currently serves as the community engagement and marketing coordinator at Bublr Bikes a 57 station system with just over 500 bikes intended for short trips here in Milwaukee, WI.

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In the civic realm, what are our responsibilities to make sure that people are being represented well and that every single opportunity that comes their way is not a one-size-fits-all solution or representation? — Caressa Givens

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