Călin Abrudean on ‘Symmetry’

February 20, 7:30am - 10:00am EET. Hosted at AMBASADA

part of a series on Symmetry

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February is all about Symmetry! AMBASADA is celebrating 4 years of existence so what better way to mark it than by having a CreativeMornigs event!

Our brand new speaker is one that promotes a healthy way of living, with a critical eye on posture and sports, staying active and well-being.

Calin Abrudean has founded a psychokinesis clinic - Kynesys - in 2005, specializing his technique in Belgium and Germany. For more than 14 years he is treating muscular and bone conditions with a staggering number of over 15k patients.

He has also developed Kynesys Corporate, a project designated to raise awareness and knowledge on healthy work conditions that also impact performance in the companies, already implemented in top companies.

As we speak he’s passionate about his newest project: Kynesys Edu - working on postural evaluation and education of kids between 5 and 15 years of age, with focus on prevention the postural negative habits among youngsters.

He’s a great guy to be around and an amazing inspiration! Come hear his lecture on February 20th, in AMBASADA, at 08:00 (sharp!)!