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Seattle artist Bryan Kachel talks about the importance of having, learning to read, and the hard work that goes into a great tattoo.

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Bryan on Bryan:

I’ve been interested in art and tattooing as long as I can remember. When I was fifteen, a friend of mine had homemade tattoo equipment and we jokingly tattooed his arm, after which I longed to be a tattoo artist. Over the years I drew lots of tattoo designs for friends and the question was always the same, “ when are you going to start doing this?”

When I was twenty I got very luck and was offered an apprenticeship. That era of my life consisted of a lot of late nights drawing and early mornings at my glamorous day-job unclogging toilets and changing locks before returning to the tattoo shop for yet another late night.

After my apprenticeship, I traveled with my now wife around Central America, working on sustainable building, and farming techniques. It taught me how to slow down and experiencing life at a different pace. After that we lived on the beach of Kauai before coming back to Seattle. I’ve been tattooing here ever since. Traveling whenever possible, but always coming back here to this beautiful town!

Over the years I have fallen more and more in love with this art form. The immediate connections you feel with people. Wanting to give them the best possible piece of art that gets the meaning, or beauty, that they wanted conveyed to come to life. I love that it’ s my job to push myself to be a better artist every day. I get to live my childhood dream.

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