Broken by Dre Baldwin

Hosted at Axis Space Coworking

part of a series on Broken

About the speaker

Dre Baldwin is an International Mental Toughness and Confidence expert, author, and consultant who played professional basketball for 9 years internationally. Dre started posting new content daily to his YouTube channel in 2009 – a discipline that continues to this day, publishing over 5,000 videos that have been viewed over 35 million times. Dre has given 3 TED Talks and published 7 books, including “The Mental Handbook”. He has worked with Men2Boys mentoring group in Broward and serves as President of Toastmasters in Miami Beach.

In a field for which fewer than 1% ever make the pros, Dre faced several “it’s over” moments from which he not only recovered, but found the keys to recovering from setbacks – which is what he now teaches to millions on several platforms and will bring to CMFTL on June 10!

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