Bongani Tshabalala & Wanda Lephoto take the stage

January 31, 8:30am - 10:00am SAST. Hosted at WeWork Rosebank

part of a series on Roots

About the speaker

WANDA LEPHOTO® is not just a designer, art-director, creative director, artist or any “attach-title here”, he believes in doing the work, everything else from there is PUBLIC OPINION.

In a time where the world looks at Africa for inspiration, it is interesting to observe what, where and how we as Africans do. Often having to re-appropriate our own culture against the commercial viability the West has over us, we seldom look past aestheticism to unwrap the true nature of who we are.

Informed by research that encompasses critical and speculative theory, cultural fusion, spiritual literature and historical sources, WANDA LEPHOTO® explores a distinctive notion of ‘luxury’ norms, looking to merge global nuances with distinctively African cultures, traditions and approaches.

Bongani Tshabalala is an aspiring creative whose goal is to contributing to society meaningfully , using creativity empathy and love to achieve this. He expresses himself through the following mediums of creativity, which includes sound design, music production, art direction and design. He is also a co-founder and creative director at Book Of Swag where he spends most of his time trying to come up with solutions for brands. When he isn’t busy at Book Of Swag he is an intern at Wanda Lephoto where he gets to explore his interests in fashion.

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Additional details

January’s theme is Roots.

“Courageous, creative work begins below the ground.”

Our Québec chapter chose this month’s exploration of Roots and Félix Girard illustrated the theme.

Bongani and Wanda from The Book Of Swag and WANDA LEPHOTO will share how they always go back to their roots and how “Roots” are always intertwined with their work.