Mailchimp Founder Ben Chestnut speaks on one of the most poignant topics of all time, quitting your job to do what you love.

Ben speaks on the history of the company and what he does as a manager to cultivate the infamous Mailchimp culture. If you are running a creative business, do yourself a favor and watch the talk!

About the speaker

Co-founder and CEO of @mailchimp. Loves monkeys, cars, & technology (in that order).

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    James martin

    Thank you very much Ben - very inspiring and entertaining.

    James Martin
    Cm avatar 0

    Great lecture Ben, though I have to admit - I have initially been pulled here by your picture in the monkey cap ;) But I stayed for the lecture.

    Helen Jones
    Ross sm

    This makes me love Mailchimp even more...

    Ross Drakes
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    That just made my morning. Ben Chestnut is awesome! :)

    Olga Zalite

    This is the most amazing talk I have ever seen..

    Jaydeep Gajera