Be Authentic to Become Equal by Amélie Yan-Gouiffès

Hosted at BU Gallery

part of a series on Equality

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Be Authentic to Become Equal

When we look at our societies, our bodies, our rights, our relationships at work and at home, can we really say we are equal? The answer is likely to be a painful “No” Often a simple networking event that we are attending with the hope to meet the perfect client or a great business partner happens to be an experience where we feel and keep a position of “being less” and where we fail to create a powerful and empowered connection or impression. Same for a work interview with the employer of our dreams or a meeting with potential investors. Amelie Yan-Gouiffes will invite her audience to reflect and observe these life and professional situations where we create or disrupt equality and share learnings and wisdom from humanitarian crisis settings where she worked. The participants will learn simple yet efficient techniques to build and honor equality.

Speaker Bio

Amelie is a motivational speaker, public speaking and empowerment coach accredited by the International Coach Federation (PCC-ICF). Before founding Be and Become® and The Speaking Station, she worked 17 years managing humanitarian teams and projects in war zones and post-natural disasters: Ex-Yugoslavia, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Nicaragua, Haiti, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and many others. Her engagement was to help people who have lost everything get back on track and beyond. She continues this commitment to people’s development and empowerment today by supporting leaders, decision-makers and change makers to live and share their message. She brings this unique humanitarian experience to her mission: Speaking to Empower People and Organizations, Coaching to Unlock their Potential and Mining Inner Diamonds for a Brighter World.

She holds chronicles about personal and professional empowerment in Wanderlust and Tuk Tuk magazines and is regularly invited to share tips and techniques for confident speaking and confident life in other publications.

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