Bára talks about her creative process and shares her thoughts on becoming a successful poetry author on instagram.

About the speaker

The Complexity of the Creative Process

Have you ever been kissed by the Muse? This month’s talk will be all about the core of our beloved Creative Mornings - creativity and what it means to be creative.

The speaker of this morning is Bára Vencálková, a young author and poet, who has just published her second book of poems Na hraně (On the Edge). Bára graduated from history and now continues studying philosophy at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. She strives to understand things so she could help others find understanding as well. First and foremost, she is not a woman, but a person and like every person she wants to feel alive. She likes to think, read, run, draw, sing, and most of all, she does what she has always been doing. She writes.

Bára will talk about what creativity is, what the creative process means for her, and how she got to publishing her books.

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