Ayu Larasati

Hosted at Conclave Wijaya

part of a series on Humility

About the speaker

Ayu Larasati was born in Indonesia and moved to Toronto, Canada to study at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD University). She earned her bachelor degree in Industrial Design graduating with 3 awards for winning a province wide design competition for her end-of-year thesis project. Ayu has spent years working for a design and manufacturing company in Toronto designing for small establishments and multinational companies like McDonalds, Carnival Cruise Lines and Days Inn Hotels. While she was holding her full-time job as a product designer, ceramics and pottery has captured her biggest passion and she found herself making ceramic objects from her apartment. In late 2014, she established a small home studio in her home town of Jakarta, Indonesia producing small batch of functional everyday home wares. Ayu has also been actively involved in a community of makers. She teaches, shares and promotes the process of creating ceramic objects at Jakarta’s first makerspace Indoestri. She envisions that her pottery work will engage its audience in a conversation that explore, raise questions and ignite the curiosity of the process involved in making an everyday ceramic object that unfortunately, rarely regarded as an object of treasury. Through the conversation that happens around handmade small-batch production ceramics, she hope to cultivate a different level of appreciation, a deeper meaning when using her pottery and more informed decision when buying an everyday objects.

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Ayu Larasati, Industrial/product designer turned ceramicist will share a compelling journey that causes the shift as she deconstructs humility and how the spectrum of feelings and emotions found in humility inspires her practice of making small batch handmade ceramics. She will discuss the importance of failure as an integral part of humility and importance of taking pleasure in a wholehearted activity: its doing is an end to itself - being fully engaged in an activity with no measured outcome. She will also shares some of her thoughts on the relationship and value of failure, craftsmanship, working with one’s hands, and practising wholehearted activities and humility which are often undervalued in today’s polished and perfected fast-paced culture.