The wonders of doing nothing, wandering and becoming a ‘card-carrying member of Wonderland’.

In this Audience Takes the Stage edition, three of Amsterdam’s creative community examined what it means to wonder.

Moulsari Jain was up first, exploring how doing nothing can do wonders for creativity. The unconventional designer and entrepreneur advocates time to breathe and the ability of “being” as a powerful tool for good.

Emerging artist Ioana Bacanu transported the audience to Barcelona to tell us tales of her time living as part of a collective, using wonder as a way to create.

Finally, content creator, recovering lawyer and self-proclaimed ‘card-carrying member of Wonderful’ Alice Ramsay explained how wonder can be a force for radically redesigning your life.

About the speaker

Moulsari Jain is an unconventional designer, artist, entrepreneur, coach, writer, speaker — and believer — blurring the boundaries between art, business and lifestyle to create more space for being human in the everyday. She’s on a mission to create global cultural sustainability by pushing the edges of norms and traditions to break through to unseen possibilities of creativity, vulnerability and wonder. In her perfect world, we are all free and limitless beings supported by our societies in all our endeavours.

Ioana Bacanu is an emerging artist/freelance photographer with a broad international experience, living in Amsterdam, and who was lucky enough to have previously called Barcelona, “home”. In love with all things RAW, all things DIGITAL and generously ARTSY, Ioana is the one to turn to when you want to know what’s happening in town on any given day. Currently dreaming of a “winterless” lifestyle and seriously planning her great escape. Always happy to meet new emerging artists and getting involved in projects that would benefit the wider audiovisual audience.

Alice Ramsay is a freelance content creator, speaker and card carrying national of Wonderland. Born and raised in Australia, Alice came to The Netherlands as an international lawyer exactly ten years ago. Since then she has created 3 wondrous things - a freelance career she’s besotted with, a family she still can’t believe she has, and a moment on stage to share her love of “wonder” with you.

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