In this Curious opportunity to find out more about our audience, we invited 5 talented creatives to dazzle us with their style and grace.

In this segment of CM/CHS, we get to know the weaving poetry of Matt Foley, the wanderlust traveling photographer Leslie Ryan McKellar, the musical genius of Nic Jenkins, the fun world of stylish hats of Archie Burkel, and the Artisan Global world of Lauren Shipley. This is one of the most amazing cross-section of Charleston’s creative community and we could not be more proud. video by: Jay Wayne Productions

About the speaker

Matt Foley is an author, spoken word poet, and writing coach in Charleston, South Carolina. He is the author of three books of poetry: We Could Be Oceans, The Typewriter Sutra, and This One Breath. In early 2017, Matt launched Contribute Your Verse, a writing coaching business that helps aspiring writers find their voice and share their creative gifts to the world.

Leslie Ryann McKellar originally hailing from the Midwest, has been an editorial photographer in Charleston for 14 years. She loves pizza, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, traveling, taking pictures with her iPhone and discussing the meaning of life and love with her best friends.

Nic Jenkins is an artist, drummer, composer, and illustrator, and sound designer currently residing in South Carolina. While being open to the universe’s constant invitations to collaborate via experimental music, Jenkins has been able to enjoy many experiences (regionally and internationally) through working with great artists, mentors and heroes alike.

Archie Burkel is Top Hat of The Hat Ladies of Charleston. “No other accessory has such power to express our individuality and no other accessory is so much fun. Hats will change the way you think about yourself. They will change the way other people see you.”

Lauren Shipley has worked in East Africa since 2013 and will be taking her sixth trip in August. Currently, she is founding a 501c3, Artisan Global, which will exist to provide resources, advocacy, and partnerships for international artisan organizations in post conflict areas.

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