Ashley Brooke James & Elizabeth Moore

August 28, 8:30am - 10:00am CDT. Hosted at Zoom

part of a series on Stress

About the speaker

Elizabeth Moore and Ashley Brooke James together make up TRILUNA Wellness, an experiential wellness company that specializes in sustainable, realistic wellness with an emphasis on inclusivity and community.

By combining three core services—movement, cooking classes, and health coaching—they create comprehensive workshops that are as fun as they are transformative. They believe health should be accessible, sustainable, and tinged with just a bit of magic. 

Elizabeth and Ashley met during a yoga teacher training in 2017. They each found their way to wellness after extensive (and stressful) careers in sales and marketing. Driven by a desire to make wellness more accessible and enjoyable, they joined forces to create TRILUNA.

Their core values drive everything they do – people are their passion, and wellness is the avenue through which they express it. You can learn more about Elizabeth and Ashley on their podcast, “You’re Excused.”

Join us Friday, August 28 for some of that famous stress management! We promise you a mind-altering good time!