How to unlearn maths to learn it effectively. Help Senior citizens live a life of dignity and independence.

About the speaker

About Archana:

For Archana , right from her childhood change has been the only constant. Having lived in different countries from time to time on account of her father’s work profile, she learnt to constantly adapt to new life styles and surroundings. Hence, not surprisingly she did not take much time to give up her corporate life to try out her hands at something new and more meaningful. After spending more than two decades in the software industry, Archana ventured into social entrepreneurship. Her vision is to create impactful, pioneering services, for senior citizens within the comfort of their homes and communities. Her own parents and their life style inspired her to create facilities and services for senior citizens to live a life of dignity and independence as per their choices and comfort. This journey from being a IT services professional to working with senior citizens has been a story of personal transformation and deep insight. After all, Archana spent most of her corporate life holed up in meetings and reviews with like-minded people completely oblivious to the social and family structures outside of her own. For her it has been a journey of self-discovery and relearning the rules of the game. As a part of her IT career Archana was always a result oriented professional with experience in managing complex problems for Fortune 500 clients. In her entrepreneurial journey she is also an alumni mentee of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs.

About Rahul:

An IIT Delhi alumnus and an educator who has worked extensively for almost a decade towards the implementation of ability-wise learning as opposed to age-wise learning, focusing on Growth rather than proficiency. He has also worked towards strengthening the Government school systems across the country. While working for Pratham NGO, Rahul has developed several Math modules that have been used by approximately 2.3 million students and 45 thousand teachers across all Government schools in Punjab and Himachal. He has also been invited for Global Partnership for Education (A World Bank led initiative) for a webinar on Unlearnkids. For 7 years Rahul has worked very closely with approximately 150 kids, their parents and their teachers to understand their educational eco system, he real problems at the ground level and how they can be solved. Rahul has also consulted with The Ministry of Education, Cambodia and several publishing houses. Rahul’s diverse experience of bridging the gaps in the contemporary education system led him to the idea of building an efficient system that could enhance the learning experience of young students. This was the beginning of Unlearnkids. His love for kids and his wish to see that shine in every child’s eyes and a confident smile that says “Yes I can do it” is the driving force behind the last 10 years of work. Now the driving force is to kill the Math demon for Millions and make them smile and say ‘YES’ to math.

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