Archana Prasad

Hosted at Jaaga Creative Common Ground

part of a series on Space

About the speaker

Archana Prasad, is an artist from Bangalore, India. Her work is a particular conjunction of visual art, technology and urban community art, steeped in design and research methodologies. As Founder & Director of, Archana has a unique artist-activist role.

Jaaga provides space for tech groups, artists & social organizations to meet and share their work. Jaaga is an example of a rack supported building. It is built primarily from heavy duty warehouse shelving components called pallet racks. Meant for supporting pallets of heavy material at multiple levels in a warehouse the pallet rack uprights support loads of 4 tons each and the beams support loads of 1.5 tons per pair. Pallet racks are readily available all over the planet. They can be assembled and modified easily with out the need of cranes or any other special equipment.

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