Anna Dean, co-founder of Wellington agency Double Denim, speaks on the personal experience of being completely and utterly broken, what caused this, and how she’s doing her bit to make positive change.

Gaze and eye contact are simple acts, but when our attention transforms into vigilance, we begin to notice things that weren’t immediately obvious. We might notice an extra space in a paragraph or details within the texture of the page that weren’t appreciated. When we turn our eyes to the government, healthcare, traditional education or public transportation, we realize how broken everything is; it makes you wonder how the world stays intact. The difference between those who make change and those who don’t is the difference between pointing at something and saying it’s broken versus pointing at it and saying, “I am going to fix this.”

Our speaker for the theme of Broken is just that type of person. Three years ago Anna Dean changed the name of a capital city. No small feat but Anna knew a major play was needed to make New Zealand wake up to the mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows. Anna explores the theme of ‘Broken’ by taking a look at the systems around us which appear to be past their use-by date. Her talk will touch on the concept of ‘Pale, Male, Stale’ and the power of women in the economy thanks to social media, connectiveness and what this all really means.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

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