Amber Aultman

June 1, 8:30am - 10:00am MST. Hosted at Tuft & Needle

part of a series on Commitment

About the speaker

Amber Aultman { @amberaultman } has created a career + life that she loves all through a COMMITMENT to her own personal brand + future goals.

It was this COMMITMENT that fueled Amber’s drive to have more creativity in her life. A shift in careers, heading back to school + teach herself Graphic Design + UX led her down the path to connect become a part of the Design Team at Tuft & Needle (T&N).

As an experience designer and strategist, Amber loves solving problems, + is a champion for the user + a facilitator for excellence in design thinking. At T&N she helps to streamline the e-commerce platform + refine admin tools, making sure the customer experience stays paramount even at $100M in yearly revenue + counting.

When Amber’s not working, she enjoys tennis, yoga, great music, nature, + Mitch Hedberg jokes — perhaps she’ll share one!?!

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Make a COMMITMENT to your own personal brand to continue learning, growing + fueling inspiration. Join your CMfamily on June 1st where Amber will share some insight how she did it + you can too … see you soon!