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An animated extrovert with a penchant for impromptu dances and fake accents, Alex lives for details, finds harmony in symmetry, and swoons for organization. Although he studied history at NCSU—he firmly believes he should have been English, preferably during the Victorian Era—fate tossed him into the marketing agency world to become a financial and operational creative problem solver. Alex, a transgender Raleigh native, was spurred into action when the NC legislature passed a law we have all come to know (and loathe) called HB2. Together with a group of co-workers and friends, Alex became the host of a witty, sassy, and sometimes heartbreaking, trans topic web series called “Tea Time with Alex.” Through kindness, humor, and a whole lotta cuppas, Tea Time brings another voice to the trans community’s call for equality, inclusion and an end to violence. If you’re around town, you’ll spot him pretty quickly: He’s the short dude with all the tattoos that you can hear from three blocks away. When he’s not answering trans questions on camera, you can find him tucked away with spreadsheets and a giant calculator as Myriad Media’s finance administrator.

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