Musician Adam Ben-Ezra weaves his musical performance with autobiographical stories, giving us a sneak peak into an artist’s mind, passion and inspiration. An invigorating show early in the morning!

About the speaker

Meet double-Bass phenomenon, multi-instrumentalist and YouTube sensation Adam Ben Ezra; a man seemingly on a mission to bring his instrument from its status as a background note to the dominant front-presence it deserves.

Growing up in Tel Aviv, Adam began playing the violin at age five and picked up the guitar at age nine. Over the years he has added the Piano, Clarinet, Oud, Flute and Cajon to his arsenal, largely teaching himself each time. However, it was an introduction to the Double-Bass at age 16 that truly changed his life, when he instantly fell in love with the instrument’s rich sound.

With a YouTube channel boosting over 10million views, a solo career and now a band, Adam is a sensitive composer with no musical boundaries. He draws inspiration from heroes as diverse as Bach, Sting, Bobby McFerrin and Chick Corea and combines elements of Jazz, Latin and World music into his playing…

…come hear Adam play and speak on #CMSound.

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