How To Draw A Ladder (Sort Of)

A ladder is kind of like an ugly hot dog comb with a stick attached. We can do this, and we will, together.

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We showed this at our CreativeMornings/Brisbane chapter event last week and the audience LOVED it haha. So great

Jacinta Conza • May 2, 2017

This made me as happy as a Beyoncé song does.

Chelsea Maier • September 19, 2015
Mafalda 09

I get incredible pleasure from watching people draw stuff, so thanks! At first I thought: "Man, there is no way that's gonna look like a ladder!" But I was wrong and I can't believe it's that easy: hot dogs, ugly comb, listen to markers terrified screaming.

Sofía Basto • September 17, 2015
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Thanks Adam! I think "My Markers Are Screaming" belongs on a T shirt.

Patrick Good • August 19, 2015
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You are very funny! And I now know how to draw a ladder because of you. Please make more of these "How To Draw" videos. Thank you.

Ying Zhu • September 3, 2015