The renowned musician Moby on moving to LA from NYC, creativity, inspiration, and the freedom to fail.

“I think it’s everyone’s birth right. Allowing yourself to find the things that you love and dedicating your life to doing them.”

In this talk from CreativeMornings/Los Angeles in May 2014, the renowned musician, DJ, author, photographer and activist, Moby, shares with us his thoughts on the theme of creative freedom. From an early childhood that encouraged creativity to finding his true calling and achieving worldwide success, Moby has learned quite a bit about how pursuing your passion can lead to happiness and fulfillment. The flipside of that is having pressure to continuously succeed. For Moby, it took moving from New York to Los Angeles to continue to find inspiration, to have room to experiment, and ultimately permission to fail.

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Zoe anderson

I really enjoy such motivational pieces :) Thank you very much Moby for sharing it - will listen while driving to work and then probably again ;)

Zoe Anderson