1664 is not just another beer. It’s an elegant and sophisticated beer originally launched in connection with the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s made with Strisselspalt hops from Alsace, the hops’ equivalent to Russian caviar. Our mission was to develop a communicative platform and a concept that would strengthen the brand’s position on the Swedish market. The basic idea of 1664’s concept “Taste the French Way of Life” is to inspire Swedes to live a little more as the French do, by enjoying big and small moments in life. A life where lunch boxes in front of the computer is a big no-no, and long lunches with colleagues are an everyday occurrence. A recent survey by the OECD shows that the French spend the most time in the world eating and drinking, in total 2 hours and 11 minutes a day! Swedes are far behind with just 1 hour and 11 minutes per day. So there is some work to be done if Swedes want to enjoy life as the French do. In our communication, we dramatized this with tutorials under the name: How to taste the French way of life. The campaign included film, print adverting, social media, PR and events etc.