Gåshaga Gourmet is a well-renowned importer of delicacies and has successfully taken many brands to the Swedish market. When they decided to take all that experience and develop their own brand, the founders Fredric and Lotta Ankarcrona came to us for help.  Their ambition was to produce top quality products in collaboration with carefully selected farms, known to put lots of love and care into the production and only using the best local ingredients. The brand would stand for passion, craftsmanship and authenticity, but also have an aspiration to always add something new or different.  In close collaboration with Fredric and Lotta we developed a brand platform and a graphic identity for the brand; which we named Picked with Passion. The first products including jams, jelly, caramels and caramel sauce have now been on the market for some time, and they are all delicious!

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