In the autumn of 2017 the dive bar Little T8NG opened up at Södermalm with focus on cheap beer and spicy noodles, followed by the grand opening of the ”main restaurant” T8NG just next door. T8NG offers a culinary experience inspired by the Chinese providences of Shaanxi, Hunan and Sichuan and with an interior inspired by Asian food markets and rice paper prints. We created a complete graphic identity inspired by Asian shapes and design. The logotypes for T8NG and Little T8NG reflect the character of each restaurant, where T8NG is more clean and simple in its design while Little T8NG was given a more playful and feisty expression. Colours were also chosen to create contrasts, from dull tones to a bright orange. In addition to this we created a unique graphical pattern applicable to both the interior as well as on units like menus etc.

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