A night to embrace our failures – http://lingkaran.co/daretofail/

Failure, a word that most people avoid to be discussed, let alone happen. We love to share a story about their success, but what about our failure? Nowadays society tend to see failure as a humiliation and a thing that bright person would never experience. Nevertheless, many successful people, including entrepreneurs and entertainers, were facing obstacles during their journey, instead of having an instant success. For example, Elon Musk, got ousted by a company that he founded. Oprah, got fired by her producer from her very first show, and Jack Ma, apply 20 times to Harvard and got rejected. And now, Elon Musk is now one of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs, Oprah one of the best TV host in the world, and Jack Ma, founded one of the biggest e-commerce in the world. In collaboration with Proud Project, we shared and listened to the stories of failure from some famous entrepreneurs, community builders, and entertainers.

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