Connecting the world's most forward-thinking city leaders with the technology they need to bring their cities into the future.

Like everyone else, cities need great technology. Like everyone else, city leaders have a hard time knowing what technology solution will actually solve their problems. Buying tech is hard, but Marketplace.City makes it easier by creating a single home for all the great smart city solutions out there.. Cities can now easily browse technology and find the right tech for their needs. They can also learn from each other so they don't duplicate mistakes and they do duplicate successes. These are large expensive purchases with long-lasting impacts on their communities. By helping cities make these purchases wisely, is having a real impact on citizens by making their home communities smarter and more equitable. The project began in 2016 as a collaboration between FK and NYC's Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation (MOTI). Announced in collaboration with the White House during Smart Cities Week 2016, subsequently won most innovative new product and quickly partnered with cities around the world including NYC, Atlanta, Dublin, Barcelona, and dozens more.

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