Portraits of composer Dan Gross and singer Arielle Paul

On-Location Portraits

A capture from the archives of one of my best friends Dan Gross who is the lead film scorer for the TV Show A Drunk History and his amazingly talented wife, model, singer, trendsetter and all around power-woman Arielle Paul. 🔸 I was the first of Dan’s old high school friends to meet his then new girlfriend, now wife. I connected with her instantly and felt that the two of them together were a paramount match. 🔸 Before I shot this photo, I was traveling around the country for a month leading up to this visit with them in LA. We headed north to a friend’s wine vineyard at Sandoval Ranch and did a ten hour photo shoot. I was ready to down bottles of wine at the end of the day and so we did. Around a campfire with new friends, full stomachs and endless laughs. 🔸 No man is an island and no person becomes successful on their own volition. I owe nearly everything to my friends who got silly with me through the weird times and lended a hand to me through the turbulent times. 🔸 My mid-twenties were the time when I realized the power of surrounding myself with the right people. Positive, constructive, critical, hard-working, creative, loyal and fun people. They are the ones that brought me to the dance and are the ones who keep me pushing forward. Dan and Arielle, I salute and love both of you.

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