Residential Photography - Deck House

Photographed for Architect Eve Isenberg

I recently photographed a deck house for architect Eve Isenberg. This specific type of home has an open floor plan with a midcentury modern style that dates back to the 1930’s. Typical characteristics of these homes are hardwood ceilings/floors and an exposed rafter/beam structure. They also have sliding glass doors, skylights and mahogany windows. The purpose is to maximize the amount of daylight that comes in. 🔸 We spent all day in the autumn documenting every possible aspect of this house. The entryway, living room, kitchen, bedrooms and natural light lit bathrooms. We finished off the shoot by having one of Eve’s daughters stand in as a model for this last shot. 🔸 We only had twenty minutes of that magical window of light when we were shooting the exteriors. Finding the proper light balance between the natural ambient and indoor tungsten is what makes this image pop. Timing is just another photography tool.

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