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Tony Boylan finds a fine balance of humour and provocativeness in this excellent talk on the Space theme for July, 2013. Thank you so much to Zendesk for helping sponsor this event! Enjoy!

Andrew has been a supporter of Creative Mornings Dublin since the get go. He got it straight away, and that’s why we love him! His talk was focused on food, the theme for June, but I think we, certainly I, got more about how to continue to reinvent yourself and find new, better and more economical ways to follow your passion.

The result of this is Medley, an event location entirely unique in Dublin. Yes, Yes, this IS where we hold the mornings, but I’m making a point! A passion, a real one for food as any home cooking expert knows requires the facilities. A well equipped kitchen, and somewhere to serve your food and culinary creations.

Andrew grew up with food, on a farm in Ireland. Food is the centre of the family on a farm and this is the root of his love of food. Honestly, it took me another look Andrew’s talk to realise how creative and devoted he has been to what he creates in the place he creates it.

Andrew, we salute you, onward and upward food loving brother!

Hello! Hello!

Our first post! OMG! I’d like to thank … YEAHWHATEVUH! No waffle please.

First up, Maria, Andreea, Shane, Steven, Julie, Mark, Leah, Carmel, Andrew, Sinead, Gemma, Aisling … Thank you. You wouldn’t be reading this without you all.

Our first talk in Dublin happened last Friday, 31st of May 2013. We had a great time setting up the event. And we’ve all learned something new/good/unbeknownst/interesting. Any seasoned marketer, digital startegist, graphic designer, creative director, media professional, etc. knows that that kind of collaboration needs something like Creative Mornings to solidify it, make it enjoyable, make it exciting and give it value. Creative Mornings Dublin is whatever you make of it. And we love that.

The team in Dublin is proud to be hosting Creative Mornings here, we want it here, and want to make it better and better and better and bet… yeah. I mentioned waffle? Shut up! Here’s some pics!!!!!

This is Brian (Creative Mornings Dublins First Ever Speaker) and his wife Sinead. Sinead re-wrapped over 60 chocolate bars with a custom Creative Mornings Dublin/Brand New Retro package and Brian gave an awesome talk! It was so cool.

Brian also GAVE AWAY an album to an extremely surprised guest. It was a catholic spoken word album cover by Cor Klassen from the 50s or 60s (I can be corrected). That surprised us all in fact. It was heartwarming and just made the day. I hope the guy who has the sleeve and album keeps it on an antique fireplace that’s painted white, or something.

And thank you, most of all, to the people who came, most of all. Every single person who came through the door put a bigger smile on our faces. We must have been smiling like the crazies! And happily so! See you the next time, follow @dublin_cm for details.