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The scary thing about taking a risk is that you don’t know what the outcome might be, but that’s also what makes it so exciting. If you really think about it, life in itself is a risk. We get up everyday with our days planned out, but ultimately we don’t know what could happen. 

In any industry, at some point you will have to take a risk or two, maybe it’s a big move or a new job. The inception of CreativeMornings was quite a risk! Hosting a monthly talk including breakfast that was free of charge, who thought that would have lasted more than a few months? 

It requires volunteers, locations, speakers, food, coffee, the list goes on, but what a great risk it turned out to be! The founder, Tina Roth Eisenberg took a risk by starting CreativeMornings which is still growing rapidly 8 years later. 

So remember that the next time you are considering taking a risk. It might crash and burn, or it could be something greater than you ever thought possible. You never know until you try!

Come join us on March 31! We’ll be hosting Yelitsa Jean-Charles -- RISD grad and founder of Healthy Roots, Natural Dolls for Natural Girls -- who will share her ideas on facing and embracing the TABOO.

Many people fear change, while some welcome it with open arms. The fact is, change is an inevitable part of life. We are constantly changing, everyday. We change jobs, our hair color, our coffee order, and the list goes on.

In just 8 years, we’ve seen our global CreativeMornings community grow from a single chapter in 2008, to 137 chapters around the world, today! If the pioneers who started these monthly lectures had been scared of changing and growing, we wouldn’t be the creative force that we are today! So next time you are scared to make a change, think of where it might lead you. Try to embrace change, not fear it. 

Here at CreativeMornings Cincinnati, we have been going through some changes of our own this year. We kicked off Breakfast Clubs for unique groups of creatives in our community, we’re planning some educational Field Trips, growing our team, and adding some special touches to our monthly events!

Join us this month as we host D. Lynn Meyers, the Producing Artistic Director of the Ensemble Theatre on March 25th to discuss how essential change is. See you there!

Ethics is a complex code of morals that surrounds us wherever we go. Right versus wrong, good versus evil, we are constantly pondering these questions!

This month, 133 chapters delve into this complicated them… but instead of reinventing the wheel and writing yet another blog post on Ethics, we’ve decided to take another approach! 

We’re going to share with you a few of our favorite quotes from some of our CreativeMornings/CIN lectures! We hope these quotes will inspire you and help alleviate the winter blues!

“If you have really good ideas right now, you can make them happen in Cincinnati.” - Bob Bonder

“Design is a process to solve challenges.” - Chris Glass

“If something is in your story, it’s there for a reason.”- Mike Fleisch

“Time is the moment when you and what is collide.” - Troy Bronsink

“What’s right for you isn’t right to everyone, and that’s OK.” - Jesse Fox

Join #cmcin on February 26, for hot coffee and yummy breakfast as we host Chris Sutton of Noble Denim and Victor Athletics.  

Language is a very complex system with some simple definitions. Merriam-Webster defines language as:

-The system of words or signs that people use to express thoughts and feelings to each other

-Any one of the systems of human language that are used and understood by a particular group of people

No matter which definition you use, language is a very powerful thing. Whether it is spoken, written, read, or signed, we use it everyday to communicate and express ourselves. If it weren’t for language, it would be near impossible to communicate with each other.

At CreativeMornings/Cincinnati, we are just 1 of the 130 chapters across the globe. The chapters span 55 counties from Edmonton, Canada all the way to Auckland, New Zealand, with over 40 languages spoken! Yet we all gather once a month in our cities, for coffee and a breakfast lecture. Technology and Google Translate make it possible for us all to communicate with each other; no matter what language we speak, and that is a very powerful thing!

Join #CMCin for our next lecture on January 29, as we enjoy some coffee and pastries and delve more into the phenomenon of language.

Joshua Gott joined us in March and challenged the audience to find and live their stories.

“For many of us, we don’t know what our hidden truths are, we can’t see them. If you don’t know what your truth is, there’s no telling where your story could take you. In life, everyone ends up somewhere, very few end up there on purpose.”

Watch Josh’s presentation

We sure had an attractive audience join us in April to hear Malik Spencer talk about love, relationships and sex! 

See all of the photos from our April event in our Flickr album.