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Talk of the Day: Raphaël Cruyt

In this CreativeMornings/Brussels talk, Raphaël Cruyt—one of the founders of Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art (MIMA)—shares his story in starting a museum that didn’t follow the traditional rules and why it’s now focused on reinventing them.

Unlike most private museums, financed by a single rich and powerful collector, MIMA relies on multiple incomes like a network of backers, which took three years of fund-raising to build. It is committed to a culture that breaks down barriers and reaches out to a broad audience, reflecting the world of today and paving the way for the world of tomorrow.

What we try to achieve with the museum: to find a bridge above every different singularity. We have different identities, but we have cultural values that we share above our singular identities.

Enjoy the talk!

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