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Talk of the Day: Connie Regan-Blake

In this CreativeMornings/Asheville talk, American’s one of celebrated storytellers, Connie Regan-Blake, shares her journey in uncovering and dismantling stubborn myths that impacted her life for over six decades and how re-inventing this old narrative helps her live a richer and more powerful life.

Our lives are shaped by taboos that come from society, family or ourselves. Whether they are true or not, we often internalize them and accept them as fact. Taboos can manifest as untrue stories we tell ourselves, limiting our understanding of who we are and who we can and cannot be. By questioning these untrue stories, we shine a light, liberating ourselves from false beliefs.

There is this enormous potential and creativity as we age. As long as we’re willing to question taboos.

Enjoy the talk!

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