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Shutterstock Portrait Studio: Sabrina Weniger at CreativeMornings/Düsseldorf

For the last three years with Shutterstock, we worked with photographers to capture the spirit of CreativeMornings’ attendees in chapters around the world. Together, we’ve collected over 2,000 portraits.

A good portrait tells the truth about a person in that moment in time—not the whole truth, but close to it. It’s an intimate dynamic that requires connection, patience, and acuity of the subject’s spirit.

We interviewed each talented photographer to learn to see what they see when they raise the camera.

Meet Sabrina Weniger, freelance portrait photographer and documentarian.

What is it about portraiture that inspires you?

For me the best thing about portrait photography is to meet people, ask questions and get to know new point of views. That is something that inspires me a lot and opens my mind. My images are the results of these communications.

Portraiture is a personal exchange—how do you get your subjects to open up? What do you say or do?

First, I try to make them feel good about themselves and make them feel comfortable. Then, seek chemistry and building a unique connection between the subject and myself. Talking about personal topics are very helpful to getting closer.


At what moment do you know you successfully captured someone’s spirit or personality? How do you know?

It’s impossible to calculate and describe that very moment. I know I am close, when the person loses some kind of attention to me.

What advice would you give to people just picking up a camera, ready to explore the wonderful art of photography?

Keep on moving.


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Discover more of Sabrina’s work on her website. and Instagram.

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