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Morning Person of the Day: Ross Drakes

Ross Drakes is our wonderful host of CreativeMornings/Johannesburg since 2013!

We highlight members of our community and tell their story on our Instagram! This is the complete interview.


What is your first and/or most meaningful CreativeMornings experience?

It would have to be the summit. We arrived in NYC not really knowing what to expect. In those few days we were in Brooklyn we met all these people from all over the world who were tied together by this crazy thing called CreativeMornings. There is something special about a person who dedicates their time to an endeavor like CM. I really enjoyed every human I met and have formed a few friendships that will last a lifetime.

Describe the work that you do and the impact you’re trying to make.

I run a strategic communications company nicework. We spend our days helping our clients understand the people they sell to and how to connect with them in an honest way. We help them to refine and communicate their products or services to serve a real need.

In your work and life experiences, what have you learned about people?

No one really knows what is going on. We are all just running around and pretending. This both scares me and is also very liberating.

What changes are you noticing in your community or industry that deserves more attention?

I think graphic design as a service is becoming commoditised. Designers need to broaden their skills. So that they can use their design skills and thinking to solve a wider array of problems. Pretty is becoming common place and clever is the future. We are moving into an era where design is a respected commodity and designers are being brought into conversations earlier up the value chain. There is so much opportunity and so many problems to solve.

If you could open a door to anywhere, where would you go? Why?

The Amundsen–Scott South Pole station at the South Pole. One of my 100 life goals is to stand on the South and the North Pole. It is way harder to get to to the South Pole. There is also the Ross sea there. Can you see it? A Ross in the Ross sea…

Tell us something about yourself that we can’t find on Google.

I am madly obsessed with cooking pies. My current favourite pie is Guinness and Steak pie that you cook for 24hours before you put a lid on it. I was given a Tajine for Christmas and I am going to start experimenting with Tajine pies.

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