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Morning Person of the Day: Michael Tam

Meet Michael Tam (@infinideas), UX Design & Creative Lead IBM Interactive Experience IBM and 17x CreativeMornings/HongKong attendee!


What is your first and/or most meaningful CreativeMornings experience?

My first was Roy Horan’s sharing on Mindful Creativity under the global theme ‘Education’. Really enjoyed that, but the most meaningful one for me was Cruszaane and Ellie-Kate Macalister spoke about Humility with a refreshingly honest and humble storytelling.

Describe the work that you do and the impact you’re trying to make.

I’m the UX Design & Creative Lead at IBM Interactive Experience. I do digital consulting work with multinational corporations that are looking for transformational solutions with an aim to bring better user experiences for their customers. I believe cutting edge technologies alone would not improve our lives until we give them a human touch, a creative twist, or an insightful design from a user’s point of view.

If you could open a door and go anywhere, where would you go and why?

I wish this door takes me straight into the International Space Station, so that I could peek out from the circular windows and see how beautiful our planet, how tiny we are, and how magnificent life is. Whenever I might need more inspirations for designing something to improve our lives, or when I need to be reminded about humbleness, or when I need to feel hopeful, I’d open this door.

Tell me something about yourself that I can’t find on Google.

“Michael, you have twinkles in your eyes.” When I was 16, and a fresh immigrant to New Zealand, I had an English tutor. This old lady once invited me to a dinner with her friends. There was this older gentleman who ran his own orange juice company. I listened keenly to the stories he told on that night, about life and his business. He must have noticed how I paid full attention at every one of his words throughout the night, he looked me in the eyes and told me, “Michael, you have twinkles in your eyes.” It didn’t mean much to me back then but nowadays, I remind myself not to lose that sense of curiosity for life, or the empathy to see wonders around. It’s my life’s goal, to keep those twinkles in my eyes.

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