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Morning Person of the Day: Marlene Bücker

Meet Marlene Bücker, merchandiser at the British e-commerce site,, and—wait for it—47x CreativeMornings/Berlin attendee! Boom.


What is your first and/or most meaningful CreativeMornings experience?

I’m slightly obsessed with traveling all the places. So getting a job offer in Moscow let to an immediate YES and moving there in a heartbeat. Of course without having ever been there or knowing the language. It took me quite a bit to pick up the first bits and pieces of Russian and taking the courage to visit my first @moscowcm. And what a a welcoming community they are! With their talks being in Russian those Fridays became my monthly test on how good my language skills had gotten. At it’s best I could follow the entire talk and at it’s worst I had a great coffee and met new people. Not only because so many times I felt lost in communication: Trying over and over again to understand where people are coming from and which stories they are telling is one of my favorite things about Creative Mornings.

Describe the work that you do and the impact you’re trying to make.

I’m working as Merchandiser in the world of furniture e-commerce. I love how one and the same product can be perceived and also be used so differently across countries. Building information structures which fit locally and globally is what I’m having most fun with. What is it that customers are really looking for? And what do they really want to know?

Those frameworks which make the nitty, gritty details as much as the big picture work are the best. And if the product is also a designy something something nothing beats that job for me.

What were your greatest influences in pursuing your craft early in your career, and what’s keeping you inspired today?

I like building things from scratch. Wether this is the sweater I knit or the information structure for something bigger I set up. But progress and processes van be quite time consuming. Looking at those out there who made the constant evolving their mission keeps me smiling. Look for example at Toronto CM speaker Tiffany Pratt building her perfect rainbow world each and every day. Or Jessi Arrington talking about color is power. Bright and bold colors are my go to in every situation. For my clothes, for the things I make and for the things I gift. Bonus points if its yellow.

Tell us something about yourself that we can’t find on Google.

Shortly after trading homemade mango jam in exchange for one of Malin’s ridiculous awesome breads I started growing a sourdough starter inspired by her @breadexchange.

She got me hooked on having a sourdough starter as flatmate. Baking a bread is such a simple process, but it has told me more than once that even if it’s just three ingredients and a lot of patience none of it is to be underestimated.

I believe the same is true for most things in life: taking the time to do something right and focussing on what is really needed always pays off. And when it comes to bread or anything self made sharing it with others adds to the awesomeness.

Blog post image by: Norman Posselt.

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