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Morning Person of the Day: Mark Brooks

Meet Mark Brooks, Creative Director at 99U & Brand Director at Behance!

What is your first and/or most meaningful CreativeMornings experience?

99U has been fortunate to have a long relationship with CreativeMornings; we regard them as an ally in the effort to help creative professionals grow their careers and get inspiration from one another. Tina Roth Eisenberg gave one of our all-time favorite 99U Conference talks: a look at how she brought her creative businesses from ideas to realities.

Describe the work that you do and the impact you’re trying to make.

I’m the creative director of 99U and the brand director for Behance. My mission is to provide the creative community with the best editorial content, inspiration, insights, and ideas of the industry, and to deliver them in the sexiest way possible. I also keep an eye on the Behance and 99U brands to make sure there’s harmony and clarity in the way they interact and individually present themselves.

What does community mean to you?

Community means that I give and receive, that no one can claim sole ownership of this very basic and meaningful exchange, and that everyone who’s part of my community has the same opportunity for learning, sharing, and standing out, regardless of their experience, gender, race or location.

How has belonging to a community leveled up your creativity?

I’ve been a member of the Behance community since 2008, an early year for the platform. This might sound surprising, but in my career I have never sent out a CV or portfolio; the community did everything for me. It showcased my work, leading to remarkable assignments from remarkable companies, and boosting my career by challenging my creative capabilities.

What’s something about you that I can’t find on Google?

That I’m a born minimalist. As a little boy, I was hypnotized by the beauty and sophistication of work like Mies Van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion. The Barcelona Pavilion is probably dull to most children (all muted colors and clean lines), but it was this unlikely work that sparked my love for design. As far as I’m concerned, less was — and still is — more.

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