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Morning Person of the Day: Ben Flack

Meet Ben Flack, Brand Identity Designer at This Whole City and 15x CreativeMornings/Indianapolis attendee!

What is your first and/or most meaningful CreativeMornings experience?

My first experiences with CreativeMornings were through the web site before a chapter started up in Indy. I gorged on videos for a while there. It was fantastic to be able to hear from some heroes of mine, some heavy hitters in the industry, and even people I wasn’t familiar with, but who spoke my language and talked about things I cared about. When I found out there was a chapter launched in Indy, I jumped at the chance to go, and I’ve been thrilled to be in touch with what’s happening among creatives in my city. I think that’s been the greatest value to me overall: I have a wider awareness of what’s happening, and who’s out there doing good work of all kinds.

Describe the work that you do and the impact you’re trying to make.

I solve brand identity problems for businesses and organizations who want to help their audience flourish. It’s important to me that my work ultimately helps people flourish—become the best version of themselves—so, I intentionally choose projects that I think will have that impact.

What inspires your creativity?

I’m inspired by the meaning and purpose that’s already inherent both in nature, and in everything made by people all through history. There’s nothing that exists that doesn’t tell some kind of story. That means there’s endless ways to use design to convey any number of ideas, and they’re out there just waiting to be uncovered. It’s so exciting to me when I get to go find the ones that will help my clients. Those discoveries are my favorite part of any project!

What would you consider your superpower? Why and how do you use it for good?

I have the uncanny ability to find amazing parking spaces in the worst parking lot conditions. It’s not the most benevolent ability out there, but my wife sure appreciates it whenever we go out!

Tell me something about yourself that I can’t find on Google.

One of my favorite things about being a parent is when I get to introduce my son to things I liked as a kid. A little while ago, we watched Singing in the Rain together, and had an absolute blast “tap dancing” with Gene Kelly in our living room. It makes me smile to imagine that he might pass along some of this stuff too and have the same kind of fun with his kids.

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