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Interacting at the intersection of architecture, community & weather

In August, CreativeMornings explored the kaleidoscope of action — the things that move us, why we take action, and how we interact with each other. The idea of action, whether individual or collective, is often rooted in the physical and can quickly extend to the public space. In meditating on how our surroundings shape our lives, we went straight to some creatives designing stunning interactive meeting places.

Rachely Rotem and Phu Hoang run MODU, an interdisciplinary architecture practice that specializes in connecting people to their environments. And right now they’re adding in another active variable: weather.

Cloud Seeding is MODU’s most recent project (with Geotectura), located at the National Design Museum in Holon, Israel. Weather is a force wherever you are, but in Holon, the crosswinds make it that much stronger of an actor. Using this unpredictable weather pattern as inspiration, they designed an interactive public pavilion that dynamically operates on the boundaries of sun and shade; wind and calm; public and private. Its 30,000 plastic balls dance across the ceiling whenever wind gusts up, creating a constantly evolving public structure.

Cloud Seeding is a public plaza that fosters interaction between individual and community as well as community with weather. It’s being used for events, a meeting space where kids can kick around a soccer ball, and soon, it’ll include a little library so individuals can interact with a book while interacting with a public space while interacting with the weather. Meta. But we love it.


They’re tackling how weather affects interior spaces next, and we can’t wait to see what they build. Learn more about Cloud Seeding and additional work on their website.

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