Zentangle: Doodling with Intention

November 13, 6:00pm - 8:00pm EST. Hosted at Beyond

About this FieldTrip

Zentangle is a reflective drawing practice that uses repetitive patterns to create abstract pieces of art. With zentangle, there are no mistakes. It encourages you to concentrate on individual areas and strokes as opposed to an entire canvas–promoting focus and relaxation. It is used on its own, but can also be used to supplement your other art practices.

This workshop is meant to open up your perception of creativity and harness the power of meditative practices within an artform. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the zentangle method, their own zentangle drawings, and a pattern example sheet to inspire future creations.

When I doodle, I find myself mindlessly drawing patterns and creatures. In school, I used to fill the margins of my notebooks while taking notes. I loved drawing in small spaces. This is what drew me to zentangle in the first place. A small canvas split into even tinier parts made the idea of filling the page less intimidating. Zentangle is an incredibly approachable artform. As an art director who “can’t draw”, I found that zentangle opened up my view of what drawing means and finding joy in the process more than the outcome.

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