Emoji Speak: Images, Culture, and Communication 🆒

October 4, 9:00am - 10:30am EDT. Hosted at Postlight

About this FieldTrip

Whether we’re communicating how we feel, making plans with friends, or sending some love, most of us are now fluent in emoji. It’s not an official language, according to linguists, but somehow we all know what 💅 means.

But have you ever wondered how emojis were invented — or why there isn’t one for cupcakes? In this workshop, we’ll do a deep dive into the history (and future) of emoji, get familiar with the Unicode Consortium, and identify what might be missing from the existing image set. Then, working in groups, we’ll design and make some proposals for new emoji to include in the next round of emoji updates. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of where they came from, as well as your own design for a new emoji!

You’ll also get to meet members of the design department at Postlight. We’re passionate about digital communication and culture, and Skyler Balbus, the facilitator of the event and a director of product design, has done extensive research into the role of emoji in culture and society. Skyler also leads our internal Learning Group, and cares deeply about encouraging everyone to engage with the world around them.

They’re back! We’re excited to share that FieldTrips are coming back to CreativeMornings/NewYork in partnership with Adobe. You can apply to host a FieldTrip here.

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