Making video games, growing an art team, and the “decisive moment” between managers and artists.

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Wyeth Johnson is an Art Director at Epic Games, Inc. He’s a lifelong gamer who started his career in graphic design, made the transition to video games 12 years ago, and never looked back. He’s worked on some of the biggest game franchises in the business including Gears of War, Star Trek, Counterstrike, and more. Wyeth has managed art teams of all shapes and sizes, and found that what motivates artists is identical across all creative industries. Artists want to make art, and they don’t have to give up artistic integrity in pursuit of a dollar. So many companies and leaders have a misconception about their role in the guidance and lives of the brilliant members of their team, and understanding how to get out of the way and let artists create something new is the real challenge of a growing creative organization.

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