Write a Case Study with Nick Disabato

April 13, 1:00pm - 3:00pm CDT. Hosted at Second Shift (Chicago)

About this FieldTrip

Creatives spend so much time on their portfolios, where they list what places they worked and take some screenshots of what it looked like. In this workshop, we’ll turn one of your portfolio pieces into a case study that outlines your thinking, approach, and impact.

You’ll come out with something that you can share publicly about who you worked for, what you did for them, and the ramifications of your work – so you can improve your reputation and get better clients and gigs. Expect to write: case studies are meant to describe your thinking!

I wrote a book called Value-Based Design that talks about how to practice design such that it directly serves business needs. A large part of the book talks about how to grow your design practice through case studies, testimonials, and other forms of publicity. I also run an independent consultancy called Draft that walks the walk with case studies of our own. I also have 13 years of experience in the industry, 10 years of experience speaking, and 7 years of experience leading workshops.

Bring: Any sort of existing collateral that you use to promote yourself, such as website/portfolio/etc.

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