Working Not Begging

Hosted at Blaznavac

part of a series on Humility

About the speaker

After many years of working in national and foreign magazines and radio stations, as well as in advertising agencies Publicis i Saatchi&Saatchi, Nikoleta wanted do something she truly believes in and founded it in a social enterprise Liceulice – the first street papers in Serbia. For already five years, as the coordinator of this social enterprise, she faces numerous challenges inherent in the independent media and activist work on the economic and social empowerment of the most vulnerable fellow citizens. She is also one of the initiators of action My neighbor without a roof, an associate of the Center for the politics of emancipation, researcher associate of online platform and expert consultant for PR, communications and strategic planning of numerous civil society organizations in Serbia and the region.

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Additional details

There is a thin line between humility and dignity on the street. We asked Nikoleta to tell us the story of Liceulice – street paper from Belgrade established in 2010. Liceulice today engage over 100 homeless people and people with disabilities in Belgrade and cities around Serbia. They work as vendors by selling this paper and earn 50 percent of every sold issue. We also asked Liceulice vendors to join us and tell us their life stories and what changes this street paper brings into their lives.