Work Your Mind, Flow with Universe, Be Called to Create

About this FieldTrip

This conversation is focused around the concept of letting go and discovering ways you may allow yourself to feel connected with your mission and purpose in life. We will breakdown the meanings of resistance, how it can work against us, and how we can work with it to our desirability. Leaning into the universal rhythms and understanding its’ tunes allows for us to journey in drifting with a sense of control. We will uncover the magic to navigate and use the whole of our mind in manifesting all that we desire.

Together we will expand into moments of mindfulness and breath work throughout the session. We will lay out points that lead us toward living into our interpersonal, innovative, and intellectual powers. By the end of this session, we will come to discover what it means to intentionally surrender; this evolvement in surrendering in effect empowers us to be in control and mindful about why we do what we do, and find clarity around who we are and who we need to be.

Our conversation is designed to tap into the powers that we already possess and have not fully embraced. Many of us are unaware of these common powers, though with this breakdown, the guidance will be clear to follow and apply immediately in our everyday lives. This is your gateway toward intrinsic freedom.

About your Host
Intuitive by nature, Kela is in harmony considering life as more than a period for experiences, she discovers it as a gift to share love, peace and empowerment during each lifetime we come to live. Kela willfully tunes into her emotional freedom, freedom of speech, and free spirit. Being free is a true and critical value of hers, understanding that freedom lives with peace and peace lives with happiness and happiness lives with love.

Kela is an artist mainly through prose and poetic writings, painting, and film photography. With these being only some creative aspirations, she understands the sensitivity around feeling pulled in many different directions, wanting to get things done and feeling accomplished. Universe has been and continues to be an imperative teacher for Kela; she believes she has been called here to remind us that we must be present to accept its’ fundamental lessons and lead us into embracing our mind as the powerful source that shapes our every moment.